Sunday, November 29, 2009

To Swallow, or not to Swallow?

I recently read on one of the many blogs I follow an entry where someone had written about swallowing. The question on her blog was in two parts, for men…”Do you expect it?” and for women, “Do you swallow, why or why not?” There were some really good answers and comments that really got me thinking, and asking my husband for some input on his views! I wanted to share some things here and maybe get some more insight from you guys.

My thoughts on swallowing:

I do it, but not all the time. I’ve talked to some girls that say they love the taste, they crave it. I’ve also talked to some girls that say they can’t stand the taste. Some girls have told me that it’s just easier because there is less mess to clean up. For me, it’s not about the taste at all, it’s not exactly something I would crave…lol. Then again, it doesn’t bother me at all. I actually have a friend that has told me even the thought of a little cum getting on her skin will make her gag. Where does all of this come from. Is it all a mental thing? For me, it’s natural, there’s nothing harmful or nasty about it.

I swallow at times and at times I don’t. It’s not like I start a blowjob thinking to myself, “OK, I’m going to swallow this time.” It’s more of a heat of the moment thing. It’s always a surprise I guess you could say. For me and for him. Imagine the last few times I’ve given you a blowjob I finished you with my hand, and then without warning, You’re about to cum and I take you deep in my throat and begin to furiously suck on your cock and play with your balls. Now how hot is that? Totally unexpected and in my experience always turning out to be a very intense orgasm.

So for me, it’s all about not being predictable. I don’t want you to be able to expect anything from you, I like to catch you off guard…lol. At times it depends on my mood, at times it just depends on where we are, and sometimes it depends on what I have planned for us next…lol. It’s never because he expects it of me, because it’s the right thing to do, or because it’s easier. I swallow because when I give head it’s all about him. I want to drive him over the edge and make him remember that blowjob for the rest of his life…lol. 

His thoughts on swallowing:

OK, like I said I asked my husband what his thoughts on all of this were. He read the Blog that inspired me to write this entry and he says he never expects it. He loves it, but his thoughts were is he knew every blowjob would end that way that it wouldn’t be as enjoyable when I do. With that being said he explained that if we were on the way to meet with friends or something of that nature and I got the urge to go down on him (which has been known to happen…lol) he would expect it. Otherwise, he ends up with cum stained clothes before we go out…lol. That I understand completely.  So, I asked him this. We meet up with another couple for some swinging fun, do you expect her to swallow? He answered absolutely not. I asked him if he is ever disappointed when a blow job doesn’t end with swallowing? He said that he would never be disappointed in a good blowjob, swallowing or not…lol.

This led me to my next question, I was a little intrigued and learning more about my lover and about a man in general…lol. I asked him this, “If I were like my friend who can’t stand to get cum on her at all or even if I told you I would never swallow, would you be able to deal with that?” He answered no. He said for him, the fact that I swallow sometimes and not others shows him that it’s not something I do just for him. If that were the case I’d do it every time. It shows him that it’s about me too. He said that he likes the fact that sometimes he cums on my face, on my toes, in my pussy, on my stomach, on my ass, on my boobs, and sometimes in my mouth. He says that it shows that I see it as natural, it doesn’t repulse me, and that I’m open minded enough to accept that. He says most guys are looking for that atypical “freak in the bedroom” woman that is willing to try anything once and always up for something new. That’s how we learn what we like and dislike sexually. He says most guys see a woman that is degraded or grossed out by getting a little cum on her, or in her, as a woman that isn’t open to trying new things and crossing the lines that society says are our sexual boundaries.

He said in the blog that inspired this he read that the writer was asked by a guy early in a relationship if she swallowed. There was some emphasis on the fact that he asked such an intimate question so early, like it was no big deal at all. My husband seems to think it was a test…lol. He said a girl that was offended by the question might not be the girl for him. A girl that could grin and say, “maybe” might be the one. His thoughts are that the reaction to the question was much more important to this guy than the actual answer.

Now these are our thoughts on swallowing, and we all know how different people are, so we’d both love to hear you thoughts and comments on the subject!

Do guys expect it? Prefer it?

Do girls do it? Do they enjoy it or just do it for the guys? Why do you do it, or why do you not do it?

What do you think about a guy asking early, say on a first date, if you swallow or not?

Is he looking for your reaction or for the actual “YES”?

What are snappy comebacks we could throw at them if they ask…lol?




  1. Personally I never expect anythign out of sex, if you do, then just pay for it and tell someone precisely what you want and there you go.

    My wife swallows and doesn't, liek you said it is all based on mood, the moment, the environment and a hundred other things.

    In reaction to the question on whether you swallow being asked, maybe i am old scholl but that is nust not something that is done by me.

    Speed of sex is always controlled by the woman, never want anyone to feel pressured to do anything sexual.

    Just me.

  2. I've blogged about this.
    I don't remember the last time my wife went down on me, much less swallowed, so the only time I get to cum in a woman's mouth is when I'm with an escort.
    I enjoy and appreciate it.
    If I asked my wife when we were dating, who knows what would have happened. Though she went down on me then....

  3. I know better than to EXPECT anything. That being said, nothing ruins the excitement of a powerful orgasm more than the woman treating the semen as if it was toxic. It works both ways. How do women feel about a guy that goes down on them and then makes faces or shows resistance to wear her scent or taste her juices? We all owe it to our partners to get over it and learn to like, crave the gift of their orgasm.