Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Distracting him from his evening snack! lol

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I was waiting for hubby when he came in. Knowing his usual routine is to first wrap his arms around me, then give me a kiss, and then it's off to the fridge for his evening snack...lol. I cut him off at the pass this time though. I had a snack in mind for him, but it's much too hot for the fridge and sure to satisfy his hunger! With my 38 DD's covered only with a zip-up see-through shirt and my short denim skirt barely covering my thighs I knew I would have his full attention. When I was sure he had forgotten about the fridge I slid my panties down to my ankles, leaving them hanging around my feet, and made sure he got an amazing upskirt view of his snack to come! Then it was onto the counter top to serve him! His snack consists of my pussy, garnished with the new landing strip I've been growing. There's certainly nothing wrong with a little hair when it's shaved tight and neatly groomed and trimmed, right? I hope this ! update leaves you just as satisfied as hubby's evening snack left him....now lets get on to the main course!



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