Monday, June 21, 2010

Help me out…Please!!

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Well, it’s helping one of my favorite bands, and some good friends that deserve every bit of it! They are Black Glass, an 80’s rock band that if they get enough demands to stay in the top 5 on this contest they will get the chance to open for Kiss in Charlotte this August. Please take a few minutes and vote for them. Just click the demand button next to Black Glass at the link below, they will ask for your e-mail address and the year you were born. Just make sure you uncheck the send me notifications box so you don’t get the e-mails, unless of course you want them…lol….It would make me very happy to see them win, and I’ll make sure and do something special for you if you vote!!!




  1. you look hot on that bike, love to have you sit on the back of mine.

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