Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Good Cigar Turns Me On!



All of the shopping, decorating, visitors, and baking, on top of my normal household chores, can really take it’s toll after a while. I had one of my members send me an x-mas card along with this cigar. He said that all he wanted for x-mas was to see me finally sit back, take a break, and relax! So, I decided to do just that. A really good cigar always drives me crazy, maybe it’s just the relaxation and the fact that if you’re going to smoke a good cigar you have to be prepared to sit back and enjoy it for a little while. Either way, it led me to getting naked and running my hands all over my body. Talk about relaxation!! 

You can see the rest of this set on my website: www.realiti4u.com



  1. can't say I know any women that enjoy a cigar as much as you do.
    Like your blog.