Sunday, December 20, 2009

If I was Santa’s Helper…

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If I could be Santa’s helper this year I wouldn’t want to be in charge of making toys, delivering gifts, feeding reindeer. No, No….nothing like that!! The job I want is punishing and spanking everyone on the naughty list. Santa’s cheeks wouldn’t be the only rosy red cheeks around. I can assure you that! I’d have the most wonderful Christmas ever having that job! In reality though, I don’t get to be Santa’s helper but I will be giving out a few spankings anyway…, who’s next? Any volunteers???




  1. ....uh,..I've been very naughty this year....

    ....merry, merry!

    `x~Abe's Heart.

  2. haha.. your xmas must had been really nice. :)