Sunday, January 17, 2010

Practice Makes Perfect

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Well, with all the catching up from the holidays and making some new changes I had to put my weekly pedicure and toenail painting on hold for a So, my toes in this update are all natural!

I've always heard that practice makes perfect! So, in order to drive you absolutely crazy with my foot jobs a girl has to practice and perfect every move. Just the thought of giving an amazing footjob gets me all hot, wet, and horny. (That explains all the masturbation and fucking myself with my fingers while I I just can't help myself.) So, I grabbed a huge suction cup dildo from my toy box and stuck it to the chest at the foot of my bed, and practiced my foot job skills, rubbed my pussy until I just had to be fucked, and used my fingers to make myself cum good and hard while I practiced! Each time I practice I learn something new and perfect it as I go. Now I can't wait to wrap my toes around your cock, rub your shaft with my soles, and show you what I've learned!


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