Monday, November 23, 2009

How My Foot Fetish Started


As most of you know I have quite the Foot Fetish, or maybe even a “reverse” Foot Fetish. I love to have my feet  looked at, caressed, sucked on, licked, and fucked! I tend to pose a lot in my photo update in way that draws attention to my feet and often do Foot Fetish updates. I was doing a Foot Fetish photo shoot today and was asked, “What started all of this for you, the interest in the Foot Fetish?” It got me to thinking and I know exactly what started it, so I wanted to share the story with you.

About three years ago a close friend and I were in the mall shopping. We stopped at the food court to grab a quick bite to eat and we noticed a guy sitting at a table across from us staring. Of course he looked away when we looked at him, but we still knew he was staring. We finished our lunch and we were about to leave when this guy walked up to us and told me that I had beautiful feet. I was a bit taken off guard but smiled and thanked him. He just turned and walked away as if he was embarrassed.

I was intrigued to say the least, I had heard about guys having a Foot Fetish before but had never been approached by one and complimented. I’ve gotten compliments on my hair, legs, ass, titts, etc…but never on my feet. It had me feeling great and quite aroused. I just felt sexy as hell!

My friend on the other hand, her first reaction when the guy walked away was, “What a weirdo!!!” as she laughed. She was a little surprised to hear my thoughts on it. I told her that I worked hard and spent hard earned money every week on my feet. Pedicures, toenail polish, foot lotions, and high heel shoes. Not to mention toe rings and anklets. All of these things take effort and are for one purpose…to have pretty feet. 

I explained to her that I was intrigued because someone noticed and had the guts to approach me and compliment me. That almost never happens, and when it does I just picture the young girl walking down the beach in a thong complaining because guys are looking at her ass….LMAO. I work hard to keep my feet pretty and I ate every little bit of the attention they got up!  By the time I was done, my friend was asking why he didn’t compliment her feet, she was wearing heels and has pretty feet too.

I guess what it boils down to is this: A guy that is so amazed by any part of me that he can suck it up and approach me and tell me, regardless of he thinks I may say, do, or feel, is one intriguing dude! I’d be able to be myself and have a great time with a guy like that and he’s sure to make me feel like a million dollars. So, I do lots of Foot Fetish photos and videos because those Foot Fetish guys really do it for me!

If you just so happened to be this guy and can tell me where this all happened, I owe you a huge thanks. You opened my eyes to a whole new world and I’d love to thank you properly! Drop me an e-mail and lets see what happens, maybe you won’t be so quick to run off next time!



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  1. Very interesting because I am like that guy :-)
    I am very shy by nature so I try not to get caught looking, but when I do I just fess up and be honest with the Lady and tell her I was looking at her feet and that they are very pretty.
    90% of them really appreciate the comment, but a few always say "That's sick" :-)
    I always apologize when caught looking though.