Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Break Away!

We decided this year to have our own little Thanksgiving. My husbands family lives in town and mine lives out of town. It always seems that Thanksgiving is hard because we try and make it to both places in a day. So, we decided this year to just do our own thing here at home. So, I did all of the cooking, with some help from hubby and the kids.

Honestly, it was a great Thanksgiving. Although we adopted many of the Thanksgiving traditions from both of our families, this year we started our own Thanksgiving Traditions. Just me, my husband, and our three wonderful kids. It has been a great day for our family.

We will talk to our families on the phone today and wish them all a Happy Thanksgiving, but today is about us and our little family. It’s our break away from being strung between two families so far away and the running back and forth. maybe next year we’ll attempt to get them all together at my house….then again when I think about it…maybe not…lol. Either way, we plan to visit them all soon, just not today!



  1. I hope you and family had a very Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. happy thanksgiving!!!

    n hope your thanksgiving tradition goes well!!